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For once, Betty's appearance worked to her advantage.

Meade wanted Betty to be his son Daniel's assistant, not only because of her qualifications, but because of his son's womanizing ways. Wilhelmina Slater, who was formerly Fey Sommers's plain-Jane assistant Wanda, had a miraculous makeover and became one of the fashion industry's top models and later became the Creative Director of Mode magazine, where she has worked for over twenty years.

Occasionally, when there are contradictions between those two sources,the details that have been mentioned on the show will be considered canonical.] Intelligent and down to Earth, but not what one would call a "traditional beauty," Betty Suarez started working at Mode magazine after being spotted by Meade Publications' CEO, Bradford Meade.

He looks downright This scene is interesting to me, because I haven’t seen anything in the upcoming episode synopses (and yes, I WILL be posting about them, and the shelved sweeps episode – which deserves its own post) about Betty and Matt getting back together.

So, for all we can tell, this is a (very) friendly walk.

Matt belongs to a prominent wealthy family; his parents are socialite Victoria Hartley and business man and philanthropist Cal Hartley (who is currently the "silent" owner of Meade Publications). Matt has a MBA, half a law degree and nearly became a large animal vet.

Brought up in prestigious and privilege lifestyle, he attended Yale University and studied piano at the Turtle Bay Music School.

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He tries to introduce himself to Betty by asking whether his jacket was brown or different variants of brown such as mocha, mud and tree bark.