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I got a dataset from another class, Now changes will be made on the form by a user on a datagridview, then the changed Dataset needs to be saved in the database.I am using the below code; Its not generating any errors, but the data is not being saved in the database. There are ways on the web to save the dataset, if the datset is created, edited and saved in the same class etc., BUT I would like to have the select dataset method in the my Sql Service class.However, you can also use different adapters, for example, to move data from one data source to another or to update multiple data sources.If you aren't using data binding, and are saving changes for related tables, you have to manually instantiate a variable of the auto-generated Table Adapter Manager class, and then call its Udpate All method.x$name is equivalent to x can be controlled using the exact argument." I recommend using the @Andrie: yes, I used it where it works (not that that is a lot of help :-) ).


Also, the partial matching behavior of can be controlled using the exact argument.

" I recommend using the @Andrie: yes, I used it where it works (not that that is a lot of help :-) ).

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Save data back to the database on docs. If you modify that data, it's a good practice to save those changes back to the database.How should I, now can save the dataset to the database?EDIT: I have commented the three lines that were required to make the code work. Since each record in a dataset is represented by a Data Row object, changes to a dataset are accomplished by updating and deleting individual rows.Additionally, new records can be inserted into the dataset by adding new Data Row objects to the Data Table objects' Rows collection.

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For more information, see method of a Table Adapter or data adapter, passing the name of the data table that contains the values to be written to the database.

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