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That's according to astrophysicists who have studied the cosmic microwave background, or the afterglow that is left over from the Big Bang.

After doing so, they have found substantial evidence that our universe is holographic, they said.

The idea that our universe is a hologram was first proposed in the 90s.

It suggests that all of the information – what we think is our 3D reality, and time – is actually just contained on a flat surface on its boundaries.

People from across the globe come regularly to worship here at one of the several Sunday or weekday Masses.

The Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel is the oldest hotel in Southampton dating back over 500 years.

The GAU is a specialist Advisory Unit established in 1988 and is part of the University of Southampton.

We have twenty years practical consultancy and radioanalytical laboratory experience.

The universe might just be one "vast and complex hologram".

And our vision of life as being in 3D may just be an illusion.

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We offer expert services ranging from all types of radiation spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence analysis, elemental mass spectrometry, pilot-scale studies and on-site field sampling to consultancy advice.