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I would to sit down and knock out a blog at a moment’s notice.

Two different exits, but the same welcome committee (your mother and me) there to greet you.

until you tell us otherwise) Everything for us was relatively effortless—dating long distance when your other mother lived in London, dealing with her travels to the world’s most dangerous places as a war correspondent, coming out as a couple on national television … If I could hold your hand through all the scary parts, I would. As much as I’d love to keep you this age forever (Harper you’re 20 months and Quinny, you’re 3 months), I have to let you grow so that I can ultimately let you go. And I know where I was when it happened for each of them.

The apartment was immaculate, I was always on time ( days), there was never spit-up on my clothes (and if there was, I had bigger issues), I never had to carry Cheerios and Puffs everywhere, and I never ever had to worry about childproofing the silverware drawer (unless I was dieting). The truth is, I want to do it for the rest of your lives. Failure, while depressing, will make you resilient if you get back up again.

See more celebrity baby news Wolfe simultaneously came out and announced that she and Gosk were expecting a baby in March 2013, after the couple had been dating for two years.

You start worrying about her education (I wanted to register her for preschool shortly after birth, but Steph threatened to leave me if i didn't take a deep breath and put the applications away for a while). And you start making scrapbooks with lists of her mini accomplishments: first smile, longest tummy-time, best impression of De Niro...

(I didn't say it was a long list.) So what have I been doing these last eight weeks, besides learning how to raise a child, losing sleep and getting back in shape?

Exaggeration aside, I have too much to lose to tempt fate for kicks. I’m perfectly fine shifting down a gear or two for you girls. But years from now, I hope you know that throughout it all, I tried my best, worked my hardest, loved with all my might and will forever give you every last ounce of me until my time is up.

Correspondent Jenna Wolfe announced on Friday's show that she and her partner, NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk, are expecting their second child.

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@Harper Estelle already has more than 7,600 Twitter followers. From what i can piece together, we're celebrating with a walk along the river this morn. :)"TODAY anchor (and TODAY Moms blogger) Jenna Wolfe’s daughter Harper was born in August. (I tend to get ahead of myself) Twenty-four hours later, Harper Estelle was born. Harper has had multiple play dates with Aerin (and by dates I mean we lean them both up against each other and take pictures and call it a friendship).

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