Sex on wechat

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Jimmy added her as a friend on We Chat and they started chatting regularly.

Momi began sending revealing photos of herself, offering to be a "part-time girlfriend" in exchange for money.

In fact, businesses have used We Chat to 1) spread awareness, 2) enhance engagement, 3) drive revenue and 4) provide value-added services for the vast market in China. Spreading Awareness Airbnb first launched its We Chat public account in September 2014, just one day before the Mid-Autumn Festival.Prostitution, which is technically illegal but largely condoned and rampant in China, has been increasingly moving from red-light districts on to the internet and mobile phones, as it has around the world.And We Chat, which offers both private messaging and payment services, has been right at the center of that move—last year, a video went viral that showed a woman teaching another how to use We Chat and other chat apps to attract customers for sex work.We Chat isn’t the only messaging app to come under criticism for providing a platform for solicitation, but with 396 million monthly active users (pdf), it is China’s most popular.In March, at least a dozen accounts by outspoken bloggers that debate political and social issues were shuttered, and in April, a chat group made up of scholars and activists working on human rights in China was deleted.

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Jimmy, who has not met any of his We Chat contacts, agreed and arranged to meet Momi. Instead, the Singaporean received a call from Momi's "friend", who asked him to buy an i Tunes card as payment for Momi's sexual services.

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